Brilliant Idea, USB powered, 2 in 1 Portable Mug Warmer and 18W Fast Wireless Phone Charger (Iphone / Samsung), Keeps Your Beverage Hot, at Home, Office or Travel, Best Automatic Temp Control, Durable Porcelain Ceramic Mug and Lid, Black

  • LUXURIOUS PRODUCT, ELEGANT SHAPE, EASY to USE Mug Warmer and Wireless Charger Set (2 in 1). It's Humongous: a Double Purpose Product that Carries All Your Beverage Drinking Experience and Phone Charging Endeavors with Embarrassing Ease and Effortless Comfort. Available in our USA Stock. Pay attention: Charger is compatible ONLY with SPECIFIC iPhone & Samsung Galaxy Phones! (See the list at "Product description" in this page) Please DON'T BUY if your phone type is not in that list!
  • LOVE YOUR LIFE and PAMPER YOUR STOMACH There Is Nothing More Marvelous than a HOT Beverage, Served at the Right Temp n' the Perfect Timing. On the other Hand, Nothing is worse than LUKEWARM One! This Mug Warmer Fulfills this Two Passions: Beverage is Warmed to the Perfect, Most Suitable Drinkable Temperature of around 55℃/131℉, Neither too Cold nor too Hot, Maintains the optimal Drink's Temperature for Hours, No Fear of Cool-Off, and Keeps your Beverage (Coffee, Tea, Milk or Cocoa)-Tasty
  • BEST IDEA for ANY BEVERAGE DRINKING LOVER and/or MOBILE PHONE USER, PACKED INSIDE an IMPRESSIVE Gift Box Imagine the Jealousy Look on your Friend's Face that Missed It! Best Gift Choice for All-Day Use and for any Place (Home, Office, Travels). Show your Attention and Care to your Beloved Ones on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, On Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, on Gift-Giving Season, and on any Other Special Occasion like Holiday, Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary
  • Get the ULTIMATE QUALITY that YOU DESERVE A Cup of a Hot Beverage and a Charged Phone – Who needs to ask for More? Yes, not only that this Warmer keeps your Favorite Drinks – Hot for hours, But this item can Charge your Cell Phone as well! (Compatible with most Wireless Chargeable Smart Phones, which equipped with QI Wireless Technology, Please read details at "Product description" in this page, prior to Item purchase!)
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