Car Seat Headrest Neck Rest Cushion for Office Chair,100% Memory Foam Cervical Support,High-Grade Cowhide,Relieve Neck Pain,Neck Supports for Car,Office(Brown Car Neck Pillow)

  • The headrest of this car is designed with ergonomic 3D curve, which can effectively fill the required area between the head and neck and the car seat, effectively support your head and neck, help you maintain the correct posture in driving, and make your driving safer and more comfortable.
  • The surface of car neck pillow is designed on both sides in winter and summer. In summer, perforated A-grade cowhide is used to keep the skin cool and breathable. Use Velvet Textile in winter, soft, warm and comfortable. The pillow core uses high density memory foam, soft and comfortable, slowly rebound, without deformation.
  • Neck pillow is very suitable for use in car seats, office seats, travel, study and nap. After using the car seat pillow, it can effectively relieve your neck pain, numbness and tension during driving. Let you relax and comfort in your chair rest time.
  • This car seat pillow has the function of retractable elastic belt and seat fixing. In the process of using, the height of the car seat neck pillow can be adjusted according to your height and most comfortable sitting posture, so as to achieve the best use effect and the best feeling.
  • The surface is made of removable perforated cowhide,which not only increases the comfort, but also makes cleaning easier. It keeps air circulation well,to keep you cool and comfortable all day long,suitable for all seasons.
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